Boscon International



Boscon International is a very close and respectfull company that was created for a sole purpose to be the best in the industry. We pride our self in being a family that will be there for our clients in need.
  • Boscon International has a combined experiance of more than 40 years in construction and roofing.
  • All our employees gets training on the job.
  • As a company we are regitered at GRS as compatend installers of there specilized roofing solution.
  • Our head office is located in Lusaka, Zambia
  • Our policy is to create such a enviroment for our clients as to have them satisfied over 100%.
  • As a construction we also offer many other services such as Aluminuim works, Structual Steel, Light steel roofing structures, Wet works and other construction related services.
  • In our field there are no companies that will provied you with a 12 month workmanship guarantee. Also the satisfaction that comes with completing your project at the highest quality.

Projects Completed:

-  Unity Solwezi
*  repairing of the roofing structure and sheeting
*  repairing of the structual steel acording to drawing

-  Superior Milling Plant
*  Errecting of structual steel
*  Installation of feeding hoppers and alignment
*  Installation of timber flooring as per milling specs
*  Installation of roof and side cladding for the structure
*  Installation of vertical vents 

-  Superior Milling Intake pit
*  Setting out and excavating for intakepit
*  Blasting of oversized rocks 
*  Casting of concreted walls and floor 
*  Steelfixing to specs of client
*  Installation of hpper and feeder system for milling plant
*  Alignment of equipment for storage of the products
*  Casting of concrete for inspection towers for the silos
*  Casting of concrete for the access ramps for the intake pit

-  Blue crest Guest house expantion 
-  Cosmopolitan Mall Roofing
-  Solwezi City Mall Roofing and aluminium works
-  Kabulonga Mall Rooing and structual steel consulting
-  Kabwe Mall Roofing